Tab for Accordion and TabView

The tab typically describes the icon, title and styles of each tab item header.

The title can be spesified as the title attribute, or as a facet with the same name if you want to include more sofisticated markup.


    <t:tab title="Star Wars: Episode I" icon="icon-episode-1"/>
    <t:tab title="Star Wars: Episode II" icon="icon-episode-2"/>
    <t:tab title="Star Wars: Episode III" icon="icon-episode-3"/>

Tab for Accordion and TabView

Tag name tab
Component type io.tornadofaces.component.Tab
Renderer type io.tornadofaces.component.AccordionRenderer
titleThe title of the tab window. Required unless the title facet is specified.false
styleClassStyles to apply to the tab div.false
iconIcon will be added as an i with the supplied icon value as a class attributefalse
renderedShould this component be rendered?false